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PostSubject: Umi Tateishi   Umi Tateishi EmptySun Jan 10, 2016 2:31 am


Name: Umi Tateishi
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Sexuality: Bisexual


Height: 5'7''
Build: Very slender, but very wide hips
Skin color: A very light pink
Eye: Her eyes are the color of the day sky if the monsters could see it.
Hair: Her hair is shoulder length, a very light brown almost sandy color and her bangs are parted right down the middle due to her horn.
Appendages: She has a horn smack dab in the middle of her forehead, as well as a tail.
Marks: She has scars on her legs from when she was younger
Clothing: There is one thing that she wears almost daily if she isn't wearing pants and that is thigh high socks to cover up the scars on her legs she too ashamed of them. She mostly wears of the shoulder tops accompanied by either pants or a skirt.
Soul color/Magical attack: Pink; She uses water magic which is why she decided to stay in Waterfall because of all the water.


Personality: She is very clingy if she takes a liking to you, you better believe she's going to take you very seriously as a friend (or even more)
Location: Waterfall
History: When Umi was younger she was caught playing around in the hot land without knowing how to work most of the puzzles and suffered a grave injury that will be with her for the rest of her life. She was about 8 years old when it happened and ever since then she doesn't like to talk about it. She then moved to Waterfall with her family and continued to live there after meeting someone she will never forget. That was the day that she had met Undyne for the first time. As time grew by Umi grew far apart from Undyne and began watching her from afar. Umi was hopelessly too shy to go talk to her and ended up becoming stalker in some ways. A few months after that Umi had tried out for the royal guard and during the training became very verse in sword fighting, but for reasons unknown to her still to this day she was denied.
Now all Umi can do is help cleaning up Waterfall when she needs money for things. She also tries to help around Gerson's shop as it is very close to where Undyne lives and gives her an excuse to see her when she can. Umi is also pretty sure that Undyne knows that she's watching her and just decides to ignore her. After hearing that Undyne was trying to get human souls to help Asgore break the barrier she is "determined" to get a human to impress Undyne.
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Umi Tateishi
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