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PostSubject: Courtney O'Callaghan   Courtney O'Callaghan EmptySun Jan 10, 2016 7:42 pm


Name: Courtney, O'Callaghan

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Soul Color: Baby Blue


5’ 05’’

Courtney has a medium built to her. She’s not quiet skinny, but not overweight either. This could be due to her muscular size, as well as her chest and butt. She’s large in the bust, her size ranging in the G area, and in the butt/thigh area, causing her to usually wear a larger size pair of jeans just so they fit, but makes sure to keep her stomach in check. She could be known as an active person, despite looking it.

Courtney isn’t quiet tan, but she has a nice warm creamy tone to her. It shows that she does go outside, but doesn’t cook her skin in it. However, her midsection holds a more pasty white tone due to her not exposing it to the sun.

Courtney is unique in more ways than one. She has two different eye colors. One is a deep brown, with a reddish hue in the right light, and the other is a crystal blue, almost like a reflection of the ocean.

Courtney has a medium length hairstyle. It’s long enough to make into cute braids or a side ponytail, but she usually allows in to lay where it is, cutting off at her shoulder blades. Her hair color has a brilliant red/brown hue. In the light it almost appears that her head is on fire.

Courtney has a scar running along her mid-section, from the bottom of her breast and slicing down to the top of her hip on her right side. The scar is jagged, instead of being a clean cut. It was placed her due to her accident with a bull when she was herding up cattle.  

Courtney tends to wear deep blue denim skinny jeans, with knee high medium heeled boots with buckles and zippers accessorizing them, and a skin tight grey tank top. She then wears a flannel shirt over her tank top, usually sporting bright reds and oranges in its hues. She has a tan hip holster bag, almost appearing like something you would see in a fantasy video game or on an assassin. It holds her prized black titanium dagger with a velvet red handle, and a small pistol.


Courtney is probably the most polite, happiest, kindest, caring person you will meet. She puts others before herself and will do anything to protect ones she considers friends and loved ones. She’s that person you can tell your deepest and darkest secret to. The one you can go to for hugs and comfort meals to brighten your day. The dorky one that laughs to any joke and geeks out to anime and video games. She understands what it means to be different, and knows that you need to be yourself. However, this doesn’t mean she isn’t cautious. She usually isn’t in a rush to make friends, being a bit shy. But once she gets to know someone, even if they don’t like her, she’ll understand, and when someone is in need, she’ll be there for them no matter what.

She grew up in Dublin, Ireland till she was 8, before being relocated to Wyoming and living on a ranch in the mountains.

Courtney was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland since she was eight with her younger brother. Her mother was a teacher at the elementary school, an art teacher. She was like a living princess in Courtney’s eyes. She was always kind and warm, and there for Courtney no matter the issue. Her father was a wealthy business man, dealing in agriculture and the environment. Courtney wasn’t old enough to understand everything her dad did, but he tried to show her in fun experiments with mini wind turbines and would take her to the zoo and parks. Courtney’s younger brother was born when she was 7 years old. She loved her baby brother, despite him not being able to talk. Unfortunately, in order for her younger brother to come into the world, her mother had to die. Courtney didn’t hold that against her brother though, no matter how much she missed her mom. She saw her mother’s death in a noble way, much like how she knew her mother would want her to see it. Iollan was Courtney’s world and she would do anything protect him. Even with Iollan, things didn’t get brighter. Her father fell further and further into depression, before eventually killing himself. Courtney and Iollan weren’t wanted by their other family members, forcing them to become orphans. Eventually they were adopted, when Courtney was 11 and Iollan was 5, by a young couple who were ranchers out in Wyoming. From there Courtney and Iollan were raised happily on the ranch. Courtney stayed strong for Iollan. He was too young to remember what happened, and Courtney was sure to keep it that way. She would tell him fantasy stories of how their mom and dad were royalty with magical powers and had to go and protect the magical forests in Ireland. Courtney was adventures on the farm, usually riding off with her foster father and exploring the area, studying the plants and animals. Iollan took care of the baby cattle and chickens, but would usually go adventuring with Courtney. They were glued to the hip. Even if Iollan got on her nerves, they would barley be seen apart.
On Courtney’s 21st birthday, her whole world came crashing down. She went out on a horseback ride with Iollan early in the morning, as they usually would, looking for elk and bison to watch while the sun rose. As they went  through the mountain’s path, the horses began to wig. Courtney and Iollan were natural horseback riders and knew what this meant, they also knew how to calm their companions. Courtney and Iollan, aware that there could be a bear or cougar in the trees took off. Courtney was a hunter, and knew how to protect themselves from the dangerous wildlife, but she wasn’t going to kill for the sake of it. If they could ride away, leaving the animal alone, it was a win for her. Unfortunately, in the midst of leaving the predator behind in their dust, Iollan got separated from Courtney. Courtney reached the ridge of the mountain path, adrenaline rushing through her body. She looked behind her, expecting her brother to be right there, but he wasn’t. Courtney knew Iollan could handle his own, but after 10 minutes of no sign of his presence, Courtney begun to worry. She rode back into the forest path, shouting for her brother. But she received no sign of him. Panick and dread sunk further and further into her body as she desperately tried to search for him. Soon, minuets became hours, and by dusk, she had no sign her brother was still in the area, let alone alive. Finally, as she was about to give up and head back to the ranch, in hopes he might’ve rode back, she heard groans of agony. She finally found him, but he wasn’t in the condition she was hoping for. His horse had gone, and there he was, lying on the ground covered in blood and scratches and bite marks. Courtney, in tears and agony, dragged her brother onto her saddle and rode back to the ranch as quickly as she could. Unfortunately, it was too late. Iollan lost too much blood and had a rib fracture that punctured an internal organ. The doctor said it was a miracle that he lasted as long as he did. Courtney, in a fit of depression and utter loneliness took off towards the mountains. Tears welled down her face and her heart stung as if she was being killed slowly. It felt like torture. She had no one now. She had lost everything. She wasn’t going to accept it. Not this time. She knew her mother would want her to be strong, would understand, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t even protect her brother, what her mother gave her life up for. She felt guilty and alone and couldn’t take it anymore. She decided the only way to get over this was to run away from it, and to do one last thing. She had heard rumors of a place called Mt. Ebott. Apparently, no matter who went in, never came back. Sounded like just the place for her. A place where she could never have to worry about being alone. A place where she could finally be back with her family she so craved to see again. When she finally made it to the mountain of lore, she crept into the cavern, then glanced down at the hole before her. This was it. She was going to jump. Was it the strongest thing to do? No. But she was tired of being strong, and was tired of being alone. She wanted to be with her mother and father again. She wanted Iollan to be at her side once more. With a few more sobs, she closed her eyes and took a leap into the hole. But Courtney’s adventure to Mt. Ebott was far from over. She was a fallen child now.

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PostSubject: Re: Courtney O'Callaghan   Courtney O'Callaghan EmptySun Jan 10, 2016 8:35 pm

WTH Why would you make me read that!? and Accepted....!!
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