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 Playable Characters

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PostSubject: Playable Characters   Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:16 pm

Toriel: The care taker of the ruins, and also tries to be the caretaker of fallen children.

Sans: The Jokester skeleton who seems like he's lazy, but if you search a bit deeper that couldn't be any farther from the truth.

Papyrus: Sans' younger brother who is a bit eccentric and wishes to one day be in the royal guard.

Undyne: Very passionate about her job and anime if you're a human you best find a great hiding place cause she's after your soul.

Napstablook: A very self loathing ghost, but also really appreciates when someone is nice.

Alphys: A very shy, nerdy, self loathing dinosaur, but she's also very quirky and just needs a little love.

Muffet: Don't forget to support your local spider bake sale!

Mettaton: A very flamboyant robot who is also the only celebrity of the underground and you best believe he is fabulous.

Burgerpants: He hates his job, he wants to act, oh and hates Mettaton as well.

Asgore: The king of the underground he is who guards the barrier and the six souls that the currently have.

Flowey: Flowey, Flowey the Flower!

I will add more if I think of anymore.
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Playable Characters
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